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Graphic design projects
A few words on a few projects that almost left behind..
As a graphic designer and interior designer I needed to peak my best and extra ordinary projects that fits to my desire title.
But, as a designer, I wanted to show you a bit more of myself with my other projects.
Let's find more together..
I got to do a new branding project for festival.
I were searching for different and psychedelic festival and I found the Boom festival. The strongest part of the festival's branding is the font.
but beside the font I realized that I can't fell any strong elements from the brand. So I picked 2 colors, blue and red, I took the strongest value of the colors and add to them some filters, modes, shadows and opacity and mixed them in different ways.
I search for a strong image from the festival that can lead my brand.
I used the original logo of the brand and search a similar font to used.
I did a poster, interactive flayer, schedule, banners for Facebook and more.
Here is  the whole package of the project, Have a look!
Boom festival
Marketing design
Feb 2020
MW is an Ecommerce site where you can find and buy all kind of furniture.
At the web you can find your own inspiration from the different pictures.
MW was my first project in interactive design.
I was searching for a place to learn by my own UX UI.
After searching on web I found Skill Share, basically it help you to improve your professional skills with online courses.
so I was searching for UX UI, I found Daniel Walter Scott and his community.
He helped me, without knowing, to get my first project before I even start learning that part in my diploma teaching.
I found a different and unique place of graphic design.
While I started to work on that project, I've search for the relevant colors.
I thought that black, and white will be the basic and the blue will be the extra whelming color.
Now I know that I could play more with 4 colors and that I can get out my safe area in the interactive design.
So here is my first Ecommerce web design, hope you like it!
Ecommerce site & app
Mar 2020
One of the earlier project in my graphic design diploma was to make a unique carton milk.
I thought what can I do that will make my project special.
so I remembered that years ago in our country, there were pics of missing kids on the carton of the milk but, I wanted to do a fun and humoristic project and then I saw my book of
'Where is Effi' and I got my answer - I put Effi on the carton!
But Effie's name is actually Waldo, and the whole story is universal and I wanted to do more local project. So I did a research and I found that someone already put Effie and his whole group at Tel- Aviv, I took the inspiration and made a vector, my vector, to the story. I added more awesome characters like me in the scouts on the bench or as a soldier, like splash on electric scooter, like the balloon's dog of Jeff Coons and others.
One of my first loves from childhood was to draw, When I found Illustrator my love to drawing got back as a vector. Here is my love on a carton of milk, just for you!
Where is Effi? Tel -Aviv style
Milk carton project
Nov 2019
My final project was created for students and digital nomads​. 3X3X3 was a lab project.
I did a deep research about what are the minimalistic area that we need for our home.
What is the basic size that the bath and the toilet need, what is the necessary elements for cooking right as a students or a nomads and what kind of basic storage place that a single need to use.
In my research I found my proportion of 3x3x3.
I also divided the Walls with a grid that was the same grid for the whole research. all cube in the grid was 30X30 centimeter.
To maximize the place, the storage places, the bed and the eating area were connecting by hinge and can be open or close by the different uses.
I investigate 3 kinds of rooms : for single, for couple and for roommates.
The different was at the sizes of the windows in the grid, the size of the bed and the size of the storage that every user needs.

During my degree I already knew that I wanted to learn graphic design, with my moderator I decided that I wanted to do and show my final project more as graphic design project.
Here is my favorite one from my project, enjoy!

Final project interior design
winning project
Jun 2019