App and dashboard design
Project Overview
It always difficult to organize a perfect wedding. I Do Plan is created to simplify the entire complex process of scheduling your special day. Find the best vendors and make your day unforgettable. All the essentials needed to organize your wedding in one app.
The Problem
Wedding preparation is a difficult process. Many people often need the help from the assistants, keep notes in various notebooks, which might be lost, not always possible to manage spending money and often difficult to plan the wedding day or choose the specific perfect venue or photographer when your wedding is prepared by another person.

User research

Good research is based on not only on what people think but also why they think so. For these we need to ask the exact questions. I have conducted 6 couple who were preparing for the wedding days, to understand their needs and desires.

1. How did you decide to prepare your wedding day?
82% started to ask people and search on web
2. what way of organized the wedding you choose?
87% used apps
3. Did you know how to start planning?
80% search on web
4. what have you thought on before you started to plan?
76% thought it would be easier
5. what difficulties did you have in organized the wedding day?
95% found themselves get frustrated
6. what do you think about using an app for your wedding day?
90% says they do it
7. Do you know all the stages of the wedding?
75% said that they ask married people
8. how often do you need help?
95& needed help at some point

The solution is to create a comfortable application for wedding preparation, where you can manage tasks by check list, a guest list, a budget next to all of the booked things, organized a wedding day.

Site map

After completing the check, from all the competitors in that area, with the user research.

As a new faincee, I know which apps there are in the market 'cause I already have searching for them. and after another research with a few married friends it brings me into focus with a few more things that will be at my map app.


There are important thing that must be part of the home page - Just needed to search for the ONE for my app.

User flow

When I started to do the mapping, I realized what are the main things that the user will need for planning his day.

The main things are budget that always changed and needs to be updated, check list, messages with the professionals and search, they are all part of the down bar, they will help the user do it easily.

The design

In my research I found lots of noisy apps, this lead my way just to the option of minimize the colors to just one color that will highlight the main road for the user. it's need to be clear and pure like the wedding's dream.