Product Design and Landing Page
Project Overview
This is a personal project which aims to help you manage your day.

The app helps you help yourself - by connecting your Todos, Goals, Notes and Savings all in one place.

You can add reminders for each, and yoou can also add websites you use to pay your bills, where with just one click you can actually pay them!

You can connect the app to your bank account and will be able to see your savings account and financial goals.
My Categories
Things I need to do and don't want to forget.
Can also add websites for payments in the 'create item' section.

Life targets one wants to achieve. With the list right in front of you, you'll be able to achieve!
Can add reminders to goals at any time.

Like mood boards for news app, inspiration and comments.
A place for important and unimportant things alike, even the small things one needs to look at to remember.

By connecting App-Y to one's bank account, one can see current savings.
Can connect to the Goals category, able to succeed and achieve financial goals, one by one.


After the research I knew that the main wireframe needs to be easy to use and special enough to be more valuable that the others apps in the market. It was important to me that I'll bring to the main page place for pushing sentences for the user, that the user will feel that it made just for him. There is a place for the big next goal, and for the latest things that he already insert or the things that he needs to complete at the same week.

User flow

Help me understand the cognitive patterns of the users of App-y.

That display show us the complete path a user takes when using a product

The design

When I thought about making that app, I had a vision of colorful app.

I knew that the app will be max 4 categories, so I need 4 chic colors.

I designed App-y with lots of humor and fun, enjoy!