Product Design
Project Overview
As a saleswoman, my salary is based of my profits.
But if you sell an item at more than 5% discount, commission can start falling. Still, sometimes you must give a discount.
The app help to improve worker performance and motivation by giving them real-time data.

4.9 connects to the store's sales system.
You can see your own profits at your own time.
You can see how much bonus and commission are added to your paycheck.
You can follow current and monthly targets, and average amounts you need to sell per day to reach the target.

So, what should you do?
You can start with calling your app 4.9 (%)
The Problem
Monthly personal sales targets are around 80K. Basic salaries do not include bonus and commission. There is no way to follow your target and know what salary you'll get at the end of each month.

To maintain motivation in such a demanding job, you need to know that hard work is worthwhile in real-time.

Sales managers and workers.

The Solution is an app made from the user's real data - any time any where.

The product will include specific details of bonus items.

personal, unit and store targets (average amount per day for reaching targets).

current, monthly And year target and Monthly contests target

‍The app will present increases in monthly paychecks in accordance with user codes.

Site map

I began the design process by creating a sitemap with all the information that the user needs to know, to Improve his Performance And Motivation.

That helping me understand the process and also the benefits of my application.


When I got into the wireframes level I wanted to try designing different layouts for checking the usability.

For example, the targets of the user need to lead the display. I tried to search for the right show for them.

User flow

After I chose my lead display, I decided to choose 2 more ideal wireframes to the project and made them also.

I chose the 'targets' and the 'inside news'. The all three frames concluding the main object that start the roll.

The design

When I designed the product's interface I thought that my user needs the clean and bright design.

I had to choose 2 colors that lead the meaning of the app. they will be strong enough to highlight the important info.

The rest of the colors need to be calm and readable as the font that I chose.